FR-Challenge 2024




Special highlight of every event at FR-Performance are sprint races (FR-Challenge) with an annual rating under realistic racing conditions and the highest safety regulations!

Any sports driver can participate in our FR-Challenge. Our events are non-licensed sports events. For a guest start at our CUP events, it is sufficient to register for the race when booking the event. Participation in the annual rating and guarantee of Cup driver discounts is subject to a fully completed CUP registration and participation in 4 CUP events.



Classes and ratings


In the FR-Challenge, there are 2 ratings. The open rating with free tire choice and the Bridgestone rating, in which only Bridgestone tires are allowed.

The races of the 3 classes SSP-600 (up to 600ccm), SBK-750 (up to 750ccm) and SBK-1000 (over 750ccm) will be started separately. In case of low participation, the classes SSP-600 and SBK-750 will be started together, but will be rated separately. If there are enough starters, there will be a SBK-1000-1 and a SBK-1000-2 race. Both have an open and a Bridgestone rating.




The starting grid for the 1st race is based on the fastest lap in the "time trial". The starting grid for the 2nd race is based on the fastest lap in the 1st race.

If you do not have a timed lap in the 1st race, you must start from the back in the 2nd race.




For each race, there are 3 calls. The last call is exactly 2 minutes before the pit lane opens for 60 seconds. If you do not make it into the Out-Lap in the 60 seconds, you can only follow the field to the Warm-Up Lap.

The start is standing in 3 rows.

In the Out-Lap, we set up the starting grid for the first time and go into the Warm-Up Lap. The Warm-Up Lap is started with a green flag from the Start/Finish Tower and all riders start simultaneously into the warm-up lap.

After the Warm-Up Lap, we go back to the starting grid. The start is started according to MotoGP procedure. All the lights on the traffic light go on and the start is made when the traffic light goes out.




For safety reasons, we only allow participants to start in the races who are not slower than 115% of the pole time. With a pole time of 1:40.355, only participants can start who have driven at least a 1:55.408 or faster in the time trial.

If you do not qualify, you will of course get your start fee (€20 per race) back.

The race distance of the races is 15 minutes + 2 laps.

For a jump start or disregard of flag signals, there is a 30-second time penalty.

To be classified in a race, you must have completed at least 50% of the race distance.


FR-Challenge registration


When registering for the Cup, you must decide in which rating and with which starting number you want to drive. Since we cannot assign starting numbers twice, the following applies: "First come, first served" Starting number and rating apply for the entire season.

A fee of €200 is payable for registration. The Cup driver discounts are 15% of the basic price.

If you pay for all events at once, you will also receive a 5% discount. Otherwise, we will collect the entry fee about 5 weeks before the event start.

For the coming season 2024, we have planned 4 fixed championship events. With 2 sprint races per event.


FR-Challenge events & prices


26.- 28.04.2024 Most/CZ = €629.- incl. sprint races

07.- 09.06.2024 Pannonia Ring/HU = €499.- incl. sprint races

16.- 18.08.2024 Brünn/CZ = 649,- € inkl. sprint races

13.- 15.09.2024 Most/CZ = 629,- € inkl. sprint races




Points are awarded in the FR-Challenge as follows:

































Guest starters (drivers not registered for the CUP) are not taken into account for the points allocation. They only receive the daily prize (cup).

Each Cup participant receives a small CUP PACKAGE from us. This includes 1 T-shirt, 1 polo shirt and separate stickers for your bikes.


Starlane Best Lap Award


There is 1 point for the fastest race lap per race. The driver with the most points in his class and rating at the end of the season will receive a €100 voucher for the entire product range from Starlane Germany. Whether GPS lap timer, quickshifter, gear indicators or any accessories for data recording. Redeemable in the shop (


FR-Challenge Prizes


The following prizes will be awarded per class and rating:

Place Prize
1 Winner's cup & free participation in all championship events of the following year
2 Winner's cup & €700 voucher
3 Winner's cup & €600 voucher
4 Winner's cup & €500 voucher
5 Winner's cup & €400 voucher
6 Winner's cup & €300 voucher
7 Winner's cup & €200 voucher
8 Winner's cup & €100 voucher


In total, vouchers worth €35,000 are waiting.

Please note that credits are not transferable and must always be redeemed the following year.


Your price advantage


1. Reduction of the entry fee - 15% discount on the basic price

2. VIP card once again 5 % discount on Cup driver price (when booking and paying for all Cup events at the same time)

3. 20% discount on a custom-made Mithos racing suit

4. 20% discount on all X-Lite helmets

5. -20% discount on Öhlins products & tire warmers with # FR-Cup from TTSL

6. Price reduction for tire set (price advantage) approx. 5%

7. per wheel 5,- Euro for tire mounting. (does not apply to tires brought along)

8. Securing the starting number for the entire season

The condition for receiving the discounts is the timely payment of the entry fee and participation in 4 CUP events. Otherwise, the conditions apply as can be found under the link "Booking information".